Business Category: Nutrition and Fitness

Brigitte Hynes Taylor’s passion for nutrition, food, fitness brought her to establish L.I.F.E Nutrition.  Her background in public health gave her exposure and knowledge on the benefits of nutrition and fitness. Sharing more about this, she mentions that the medical gene was in her blood as she came from a very medical family; her dad (Dr. Hynes) was a  doctor in Sarnia. She realized her passion for nutrition and food when she was in the last year of medical school in Poland with her husband. Because of her passion, she always kept coming back to food and wanted to know more about how it played a big role in people’s lives, diet, illness, and diagnoses.

Brigitte then attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to become a registered holistic nutritionist. This provided her with the knowledge and insight to continue on the food path and to figure out how diet coincides with traditional medicine, as well as how to bring holistic nutritional teaching to the field and to see how they can overlap. She succeeded in her research and found out that traditional medicine and holistic nutritional teaching do in fact overlap. Then, after her keen research and analysis, she decided to start her practice - L.I.F.E. Nutrition, in April, 2014. She had an astounding response and her business started growing, and It inspired her to start working on the anti-aging clinic in Sarnia. Her business was going so well that she began to offer her service at  different locations. During this time, she realized that spreading herself in too many  locations was becoming too overwhelming, and it made more sense to have one location. 

She talks about keeping herself involved in the community events (like BIA – Business in Action meetings) and broadening the network in local community as well. According to Brigitte, attending such events gives opportunities to learn a lot from different businesses with expertise and experience.