Entrepreneur: Ruturaj Kalal and Keegan Hoover
Business Category: Service Provider for maintenance repairs and home cares services
Business Method: They offer maintenance repairs and home cares services using online platform. You can log on to the app, and service providers will come to your home to do construction, maintenance or repair services. 

Ruturaj Kalal Came to Canada as a student to pursue his further education. Just like other immigrants, he also had a hard time getting himself adjusted to the new culture and country. During that time, one of the problems he faced led to a business idea in his creative mind. No one knew it would be so popular and make lives easier. He came up with an astonishingly innovative idea of being a person who can connect the customer with the service provider for maintenance and repair services – an easier way to reach someone. He developed an application with the list of all reliable and excellent service providers in the Sarnia community. The important thing left was the business name. He came up with few names and finally he chose the most accurate name for the business, a Sanskrit name for services - KLISTY. However, it was not as easy as it sounds. He had difficulties establishing his own business being an international student. In order to incorporate things, he had to find a Canadian partner who would invest in his business. His passion, will to strive for success made people helping him to run the business and that’s how he met Keegan Hoover.

Keegan, originally form Toronto, moved to Sarnia 5 years ago to attend the Lambton College Business Administration Marketing program. He met Ruturaj during the Cube Step program where Ruturaj was participating and Keegan helped him developing a business plan. Keegan extensive 10 years of marketing experience in retail sector and Ruturaj’s technical knowledge and passion resulted into launching the 'Klisty'.

According to Ruturaj, participating in The Cube Step program and his constant involvement in Cube helped him a lot. The Cube assisted him developing the business and it helped him bringing his talent to develop a business model. During his Cube involvement, he met many influential people and entrepreneurs from the community. Which ultimately helped him developing the plan. His work with the Start-up Sarnia Lambton gave him significant exposure to the corporate culture.