Entrepreneur: Chelsea Laurin
Business Category: Online Jewelry Store (Etsy). Handmade Jewelry.
Business Method: Customized jewelry is offered upon request. BohGeo targets customers worldwide.

Chelsea Laurin has always had a creative side, finding interest with the littlest things. Her artistic side inspired her to dive into the creative field and become a Jewelry Designer.  After working 3 jobs to pay for her school fees, she wanted to embark on a creative journey and decided to go traveling once she had graduated from Lambton College. It was when Chelsea began traveling that she realized, not only did she want to begin a creative path here in Sarnia, but she wanted her products to be sold all over the world.

Several factors had to be considered before Chelsea could establish her business and The Cube was able to help Chelsea research things like; investments, target market, budget, trends, designs, and costs. Chelsea began taking part in ArtWalk to create a reputation for her business. Through Etsy she started selling jewelry under ‘BohGeo’. The name BohGeo, with the feather as a logo, stands for Bohemian Geometric Handmade Jewelry. Chelsea was making astonishingly beautiful jewelry with creative, and unique handmade designs. At the initial phase of the business, she received excellent responses from her clients for her designs, customer service, packaging, and on time delivery. Although, Chelsea was aware from the beginning that to run a successful business, there were many areas to consider apart from product development. Chelsea’s online customers gave raving reviews that helped her business take off.

Chelsea worked with Jasmyn on the Etsy 101 together, and it became an invaluable networking opportunity for her. Chelsea was able to work with Jasmyn, Bisi and the others from The Cube, along with using resources with Startup Sarnia-Lambton. During the Etsy 101 session, Chelsea and Jasmyn were able to address many questions that people had regarding Etsy, starting your own business, and overcoming the intimidation surrounding an online business.